Jacqui is one of the co-founders of Perfect Homes Ltd.  As Managing Director she creates a vision for where Perfect Homes is going and then develops an environment that fosters its accomplishment.

Her main focus for the creation of Perfect Homes was to develop a construction company based on the science of Passivhaus homes.  Her passion was ignited by the revelation that ultra-low energy homes involve not only additional high-quality insulating materials but that a significant amount of energy is lost from homes due to poor workmanship.  Whilst the quality of workmanship is essential in a Passivhaus Certified home, she passionately believes that the same quality of workmanship can also be applied to all other building works and so pioneered the company with the goal of being a total resource for public sector bodies in Kent in need of quality construction services.

In 2008 she received a BSc (Honours) in Construction from Kent University and in 2012 became a Chartered Builder.  In 2014 she was awarded Chartered Construction Manager status.   In 2016 she completed a further 4 year degree, this being a BEng (Honours) in Building Services Engineering.  It was whilst studying for this 2nd degree that her interest in ultra-low energy buildings was sparked.  To further this interest she qualified as a Certified Passivhaus Designer in 2016.

Before her involvement in the construction industry, Jacqui was a management accountant and spent 18 years happily assisting corporate and private clients with their accounting and tax affairs.  The trusted relationships built between her and her clients in this business are the same type of relationship she endeavours to bring to clients of Perfect Homes.

Prior to founding Perfect Homes, Jacqui had worked for a general construction company in Kent, serving as a director for 12 years.

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